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Geyser is a program or mod/plugin that allows Bedrock Edition players to connect to Java Edition servers, with the goal of providing a seamless experience for the players involved. There are a few different ways Geyser can be installed, and a few mod/plugin loaders that Geyser supports, but for the most part the easiest way to run Geyser is to install the plugin/mod on your server. Though there’s also a standalone version that will run on it’s own like a proxy, but it might still require some server side modification for your Java Edition server.
We’re going to cover what’s needed from WinterNode to get Geyser up and running and direct you to some of Geysers own documentation on how to install it. They have incredible documentation and that will be the place to get the most up-to-date information on the process.


Minecraft Bedrock edition, and by extension Geyser, requires another port to run on. Here at WinterNode you’ll need to request that from a WinterNode staff member by Requesting Additional Ports.
After you’ve received your port, and going through the Geyser Setup process, you can find it in the Management → Allocations tab when viewing your server and then you’ll need to configure Geyser to use the port you received.


If you’d like to run the standalone version of Geyser, then you’ll need to purchase an additional server. The 2gb proxy plans we provide should be sufficient to run Geyser.
Instead of using a startup.bat file, you’ll want to put the name of the Geyser jar into the server-jar parameter on your server’s Startup Parameters page. This will launch Geyser just like the startup script would have.


Floodgate is a plugin/mod that is installed on the server that your players connect to, whether that be the server that you have Geyser installed on or the server that the standalone application connects to, and it allows Bedrock Edition clients to connect without them having to own a Java Edition account. This is the ideal situation in most cases, but it might require some additional setup on the server.

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