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Eco is an early access Co-Op Survival game with a simulated Ecosystem and a world destroying event looming over the horizon. Designed with the goal of large scale cooperation, players have to work their way through the tech tree by collaborating with each other using a built in Economy and Government system in order to prevent the world from being destroyed after 30 real world days.

📄️ Eco Admins

Eco Server Admins are granted some basic moderation tools, like being able to ban and unban players, some more Eco focused permissions like modifying a player's current skills and some of the Election/Governance systems, and some debug commands that can alter the world. A player can be made into an admin by modifying the server's configuration files or by using the in-game command /manage admin or /admin. Once a player is an admin there's no built in system to limit the permissions granted.

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