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A VPS (Virtual Private Server) is an environment that runs an operating system on hardware shared with other VPSs. This is accomplished by “virtualizing” each server, which is essentially running each VPS in it’s own digital “box” separate from the others. This also prevents each VPS from directly changing the other VPSs on the same machine, putting the word “private” in VPS.

The VPSs we provide run Linux, which is a relatively bare-bones operating system intended to run server applications for long periods of time and is the literal backbone of the internet as we know it. As a result you will have to install most of the software you intend you run after your VPS is deployed. You’ll be primarily doing this via command line through a protocol known as SSH, or Secure Shell Protocol, which allows you to use an application, such as Putty, to open the Command Line Interface of a Linux machine remotely.

We’ll be going over the details of how we handle the VPS services we provide, some places to start if you aren’t familiar with Linux, and how to use the Panel we provide, which is separate from our normal Game Panel, to control and monitor your VPS Service.

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