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Using the Edition Installer

The Edition Installer can be used to install different editions of Minecraft or update the one you currently have installed. We’ll be going over how to use it and what you’ll want to look out for here.


You can find the Edition Installer under Configuration → Advanced in it’s own modal titled Install Different Edition.


You can use the Edition Installer on standard, non-proxy servers, to install select versions of popular Minecraft Editions such as Paper, Vanilla, WaterFall, Forge, and Fabric. To start, you’ll want to select the Edition you want from the top drop down and then the version you need from the second drop down right below the first one.

Make sure you take note of the format switch, if you turn it on then all of the files on your server will be deleted. So only turn it on if that’s something you want and make sure you take a backup before doing so.

After selecting the options you need, you can click the Install Different Edition button at the bottom of the modal and you’ll be notified when the installation has finished.

Specific Versions

Each edition only has specific versions available for installation on the Edition Installer, normally the latest release or the last couple of releases. That means if you need a very specific version that isn’t listed you’ll need to install it manually. We have pages on how to install Forge and Fabric that we’ve linked below, and you can upload the Jars from the Paper website, or from the Spigot Build Tools directly to your server over SFTP, just make sure to update your Startup Parameters to match the name of the new Server Jar.

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