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BlueMap is a 3D world map plugin that renders your server's world on a browser and is served by an integrated web server on your Minecraft server. Compared to DynMap, it offers better performance and aesthetics. It renders an accurate 3D block-to-block map of the world, including full-resolution textures, which can be navigated as a spectator or from a pseudo-top-down view.

You can install BlueMap on any Forge, Fabric, Sponge, or Spigot based server, including any forks of Fabric or Spigot like Paper and Quilt.

The first step of the installation process is to identify what mod loader you’re using and the download the correct version of BlueMap from the releases page on GitHub. Each version will have the name of the mod loader attached to it. Then you’ll need to upload the file to your servers mod or plugin folder Using SFTP or Using the File Manager and restart your server.

After you’ve restarted your server you’ll need to assign a port in the configuration file. The next section goes over details surrounding what the port does and how you can request one.


BlueMap requires a port to serve the web server that your players will connect to. The port number will be appended to the end of your server IP or domain in a browsers address bar in order to view the web map. For example, or You can find more information about how to get a port to use for BlueMap by checking out our guide on Requesting Additional Ports.

After getting the port assigned for BlueMap, you’ll need to make sure that the configuration file matches the port number you were assigned. If you’re on a dedicated IP, you should be able to get the default BlueMap port number of 8100 but if you’re on a shared IP you’ll likely need to use another port number. Check the Management -> Allocations tab for the port number you were assigned.

With the port number in hand, locate your configuration file for the mod/plugin loader using this Guide provided by BlueMap and change the port value in the webserver.conf file to the port you were assigned. After another server restart you should be able to access BlueMap from your Server IP + the port, IE <ServerIP:8100>.

SRV Records and HTTP

HTTP doesn’t support SRV records, which is the type of DNS record that allows you to remove the port from the end of your Minecraft Server Address. This means that the only way to get an address without a port is to host it on the HTTP port or to “rewrite” the connection to the correct port. We don’t provide Minecraft Server HTTP ports because of the security implications of running the server as root, but BlueMap provides a guide on how to run a a proxy to remove the port from your Map Address.

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