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These are a few of the most common and useful Spigot based Minecraft plugins.

📄️ Installing Geyser

Geyser is a program or mod/plugin that allows Bedrock Edition players to connect to Java Edition servers, with the goal of providing a seamless experience for the players involved. There are a few different ways Geyser can be installed, and a few mod/plugin loaders that Geyser supports, but for the most part the easiest way to run Geyser is to install the plugin/mod on your server. Though there’s also a standalone version that will run on it’s own like a proxy, but it might still require some server side modification for your Java Edition server.

📄️ Installing LuckPerms

Many plugins provide features that you don’t want every player to have access too, it’s true that vanilla Minecraft has the built in operator system to help with that, but it only allows you to grant each player everything or nothing. A permissions plugin allows you to assign individual permissions for plugin features or vanilla commands instead of relying on their defaults and operator system. So as part of the core of your server, you’ll want to install a permissions plugin and get comfortable with using it as soon as possible.

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