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Game Panel Sub-Users


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You can find information on how to setup and use Billing Contacts and Billing Sub-Users on our Billing Contacts & Sub-Users Page article!

A Game Panel Sub-User is granted access to each server individually and can manage the server settings, access the console, manage files, start/stop the server, or connect via SFTP depending on the permissions you grant them. There's a fine grained permissions system that can limit the extent to which each of those actions can be performed. Even allowing you to limit a Game Panel Sub-User to being able to view/download files but not be able to upload or edit them through either SFTP or the Website.

You can add a new Game Panel Sub-User to each server individually and as such each server has it's own Subusers tab under it's Management tab as shown in Image 1.

The Sub-users area, located under the Management tab, with the Menu breadcrumb in the top right of the window and the create user button on the top right of the manage users pane

In the Subusers tab you can add and manage Game Panel Sub-Users for that server. In this case, we'll be adding a new Game Panel Sub-User to the server so you'll start by clicking the Create New button on the top right of the tab and you'll see a new page that matches the one shown in Image 2.

The add new Sub-user pane with the email box and the Add New Sub-user button highlighted

You need to enter the email address of the person you want to invite as a Game Panel Sub-User for your server into the Email Address field. They'll receive an email with a link asking them to setup an account if they don't already have one and informing them that they've been invited to access your server. We have more information on what that looks like for them in the Next Section called Game Panel Sub-User Verification.

The area below that is the permissions that the Game Panel Sub-User will have on your server. They're separated into dropdowns and each permission has a short description for what it allows the Sub User to do. You can then grant access to it by ticking the checkbox next to it if it's something you want them to do, or leave it empty if you don't. There's also a section dedicated to the specifics of each permission in the Securing a Game Panel Sub-Users account section.