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Creating a MySQL Database

We provide MySQL databases with our Game Servers that are managed through our Game Panel. You can follow the steps below to create a MySQL database.

  1. To create a database, head into the panel and under Managment click on Databases as shown in the example navigation bar to the right.
  2. Click the Create button on the top right side of the Databases box.

The database tab with the Create button on the far right sideLoading...

  1. Click the HOST dropdown and select your server’s node, it should be the only option, and then fill out the NAME Field with a name for your database. You should leave the CONNECTIONS FROM Field as is (%) unless you’re trying to limit what can connect to your database, which isn’t generally necessary.

The Create New Database Pane with fields for a host, name, and connectionsLoading...

  1. Then your database will be created and should appear on the list. It will have your database name, username, and connection address/port. To reveal the password click on the key icon and to reset it click on the button to the far right side of the database entry.

The database tab with 1 database listed, showing from left to right the name, username, password, and connection address of the database in a tableLoading...

The databases tab located on the GCP navbar under the Management dropdownLoading...

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