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Getting an API Key

An API Key can be used to interact with the Game Panel API and automate most of the tasks you're able to do manually using the Game Control Panel (GCP). Every request you send to the API will need to be authorized using an API key, most often the same API Key for one project.

You can find the list of your current API Keys on the Security Controls tab of the GCP Home Page, as shown in the image to the right. After opening the tab you should be navigated to a page similar to the one shown below.

The Security Controls tab in the right sidebar when viewed from the Server List or Game Control Panel Hom PageLoading...

The Security Controls page with no entries and the Create button in the top right hand side next to the API Docs buttonLoading...

After you've navigated to the Security Controls page and located the credentials list shown in the image to the left, you can find the Create button in the top right of the Credentials List. This will open a modal similar to the one shown below where you can enter a Memo, or note, for the API key so that you know what it's for, and a line separated list of IPs you'd like to limit the API Key to, if any.

After creating an API Key using the Modal, it will be added to the Credentials List and you'll receive a notification at the top of the page that a new API Key has been generated. The API Key Entry will contain the Key, the Memo you provided, the last time it was used, and when it was created. At the far right of the key will be a Delete button allowing you to revoke or delete existing API keys.
You can view the API Key itself by clicking on the spoiler text under the KEY column and then you can copy it by clicking on the revealed key.

The Create an API Key Modal with an empty Modal field at the top and Allowed Connection APs dropdown field at the bottomLoading...

An API Key Entry with these columns in order from left to right, the key value (hidden behind a spoiler), the Memo provided when they key was created, the date and time the Key was last used, and when it was created. The far right of the entry has a button titled Delete.Loading...

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