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Setting client Launch Parameters

The Steam Client has the ability to set Launch Parameters, commonly referred to as command line arguments, for games launched by Steam. If you find your self needing to set a Launch Parameter for a game, you can find the steps outlined below.

The first thing you'll need to do is locate the game in your library. After locating it, you can either right click the game entry in the sidebar or shelf, or you can click on the gear on the far right side of the game when viewing it as a page. All of these locations should provide a context menu similar to the one shown below with a Properties entry.

The gear icon in the far right side of a game's page in the steam clientLoading...

The steam context menu when used on a game with the Properties option highlighted at the bottom of the listLoading...

The properties context menu option should open a window similar to the one on the right, and you can find the Launch Options header at the bottom of the window. Under that header is the field in which you can enter the Launch Parameters you want for this game. They'll be saved between restarts and will take effect the next time you start your game.

The steam properties window with the launch options field, located at the bottom of the window, populated with "+connect IP"Loading...

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