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Billing Contacts Sub-Users

If you need to grant access to your server’s console or your billing account then you'll want to use a Panel Sub-User or a Billing Sub-User, respectively. In either case, the new user will have their own account with their own password and 2FA separate from yours. This allows you to grant your team access to what they need without compromising the security of your account or theirs.

As the owner of the service, you can even limit what the Game Panel Sub-Users or Billing Sub-Users can do on the respective parts of our website. This is mostly accomplished by both the Game Panel and the Client Area providing a permissions system for each individual Panel Sub-User or Billing Sub-User.


If this fits what you need, then you can find information on how to setup Billing Contacts & Billing Sub-Users below. If you need any help with the process, you can reach out to our team on Discord or in the Client Area!

Game Panel Sub-Users

You can find information on how to setup and use Game Panel Sub-Users on our GCP Sub-Users article!

Billing Sub-Users

A Billing Sub-User has access to the Client Area and as such can manage things like your Invoices, Services and Support Tickets. With the built in permissions system you can control what each user has access to, so it's easy to ensure that your team can handle their respective roles effectively.

Locating the User Management Page

You can add a new Billing Sub-User to your Billing Account by navigating to the Client Area, clicking on the User Greeting dropdown, shown below, on the right side of the navigation bar and selecting User Management as seen in the image below.

The User Greeting on the right side of the navigation bar.Loading...

The User Management button in the User Greeting dropdown.Loading...

Adding a new Billing Sub-User

You can invite a new user to be a Billing Sub-User for your Billing Account by entering their email address into the Invite New User box on the User Management page. By entering their email address and sending an invite, you’ll be sending them an email notifying them and giving them the option to accept the invite or ignore it.

Before sending the invite you also have the option to grant them every permission available for a Billing Sub-User, or specifically select the permissions you want by selecting the Choose Permissions radio button instead of the All Permissions radio button as demonstrated in the image below..


Before sending the invite we recommend checking out what each permission does! We have a section on the permissions here!

Arrow pointing to the Choose Permissions radio button while the default All Permissions radio button is still selected.Loading...

You can cancel an invite before the user accepts it by navigating to the User Management page and clicking cancel invite. The cancel and resend invite buttons on a Billing Sub-User entryLoading...

Billing Sub-User Verification

When you invite a new Billing Sub-User they will receive an email that looks similar to the example shown to the right and will have 7 days to accept the invite. If they choose not to accept your invite then the link included in the email will expire and they won’t have any access to your Billing Account.


The email will come from [email protected].

If they didn’t receive the email for whatever reason, you can resend the the invite from the User Management page by clicking on the Resend Invite button under the Pending Invites header as noted in the image to the right.

After clicking on the accept invitation link, the Billing Sub-User will see a page similar to the one shown on the right and after accepting the invite from this page they will have access to your Billing Account with the permissions you assigned to them.

example Billing Sub-User invite email from support@winternode.comLoading... The cancel and resend invite buttons on a Billing Sub-User entryLoading... The invite accept pageLoading...

Removing an existing Billing Sub-User

To remove an existing Billing Sub-User navigate to the User Management page and click on the Remove Access button and then confirm your choice in the confirmation popup. This will permanently remove this Billing Sub-User from your Billing account unless you re-invite them.

The remove access button on a Sub-User entryLoading...

Securing a Billing Sub-User Account

Billing Sub-Users use separate authentication methods than the primary account, which is it’s own protection against unwanted actions taking place on your service, but yo take full advantage of the protection of a Sub-User you’ll want to make sure you enable 2-Factor Authentication for the Sub-User and grant them only the Permissions they need.


You can limit what a Billing Sub-User can do either when you send the invite or after by selecting specific permissions from a list. We go over the list of permissions, what they do, and their limitations below, as well as where you can modify the Billing Accounts Sub-Users permissions.

Before the invite

You can select the permissions a Billing Sub-User before you invite them by selecting the Choose Permisions radio button under the email input as shown in the image below. The invite new user modal with the "choose permissions" radio button notedLoading...

After Invite Acceptance

You can manage the permissions of an existing Billing Sub-User by navigating to the User Management page and selecting the Manage Permissions button next to the user you want to edit as shown in the image below. The manage permissions button on a Billing Sub-User entryLoading...

Permissions List

This is a list of all of the permissions provided by the panel, brief descriptions of them, and whether or not their relevant to services provided by WinterNode.

Modify Master Account Profile

Access and modify the client profile information

Ability to access, view, and modify the Account Details for the primary client client profile that invited the Billing Sub-User.

View & manage Contacts

Access and manage contacts

Ability to View and Manage all details of Billing Contacts.

View Products & Services

View access to products, services and addons

Ability to view all products, services, and addons currently purchased.

View & Modify Product Passwords

Allow password resets and other actions

Ability to reset passwords for all products.

Perform Single Sign-On

Allow single sign-on into services


This permission is currently unsupported. Please use Game Panel Sub-Users to add users to the Game Panel.

View Domains

View access to domain registrations


This permission is currently unsupported as WinterNode does not sell or register domains.

Manage Domain Settings

Allow domain management eg. nameservers/whois/transfers


This permission is currently unsupported as WinterNode does not sell or register domains.

View & Pay Invoices

View and payment access to invoices

Ability to view all current and past invoices and pay outstanding ones.

View & Open Support Tickets

Access to open, respond and manage support tickets

Ability to open, view, and respond to, support tickets under Support -> Tickets.

View & Manage Affiliate Affiliate Account

Access to view and request withdrawals


This permission is currently unsupported. We manage our partners as with a separate system ❤

View Emails

Access to view account email history

Ability to view email history by selecting Email History under the User Greeting (Shown in the Image to the right).

The User Management button in the User Greeting dropdown.Loading...

Place New Orders/Upgrades/Cancellations

Allow placing of new orders

Ability to place new orders for products or services on the Billing Account using the payment methods on the account.

2-Factor Authentication

2-Factor Authentication is an extra step added to logging into an account that helps prevent unauthorized access. When the Billing Sub-User logs in they’ll be prompted to provide a token provided by an Authenticator application that’s cryptographically generated from a private code only shared between WinterNode and the Authenticator application. As long as they don’t share those tokens or that code and a third party doesn’t have physical access to the device that they’re using for your Authenticator application. This is a nearly foolproof method of authenticating. For redundancy sakes, they can even save the original token in a password manager or other safe location, in case they lose their device or have multiple devices set up with an Authenticator application ready to go.

The Security Settings pageLoading...

The Two-Factor Authentication popupLoading...

You should now see a page titled Connect your app with a QR code in the center and a long alphanumeric code above it, like the one shown in the image to the right. You can scan the QR code using an app like Google Authenticator or Authy or you can enter the code manually into either of the two apps.


Make sure to save the alphanumeric code or QR code somewhere in a secure format. Good ways are in a private password manager or encrypted flash drive!

The 2FA Connect your app pageLoading...


There are a lot of Authenticator apps with many different features, so you might want to try a few out or look at what’s provided by your phone already. If you save the code above then you’ll have no problem switching Authenticator apps!

Billing Contacts

What is a Billing Contact

Contacts provide a way for you to add additional contact details to your Billing Account and select preferences for what those details should be used for. These details can be additional emails that need copies of your invoices, a personal email where you’d like to be notified of your support tickets, or an entirely separate contact that you’d like to receive all communication about your account.

Locating the Contacts Page

The contacts page can be accessed by selecting Contact under the User Greeting drop drop-down the right side of the navigation bar or by selecting Add New Contact from the Contacts box on the left side of the Client Area home page. Both options are depicted in the images below.

This is where you add new, or manage existing Contacts to your Billing Account.

Contact button under the User Greeting drop downLoading...

The New Contact button in the Contacts box on the right side of the home pageLoading...

Adding a new Billing Contact

After navigating to the Contacts page make sure that the Choose Contact drop-down at the top of the page is set to New Contact and you’ll see that the detail fields are now empty. Every field is required except for Company Name and Address 2. While this is less than ideal for most use cases, it’s a limitation of the current system.

The Add New Contact option on the Choose Contact pageLoading...

At this stage you can set the email preferences as well. Below the contact information you’ll find a list of email categories we’re likely to send to the address you’ve provided. You can select or deselect any of them.

Removing an Existing Billing Contact

If you need to remove an existing Billing Contact navigate to the Contacts page and select the contact you want to remove the contact from the drop-down at the top of the page, as shown in the image to the right, and then click then Go button to the right.

the Choose Contact dropdownLoading...


This will permanently delete all contact details and contact preferences associated with this contact!

After selecting your contact, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the Delete Contact button, shown in image 2, and click Confirm in the confirmation popup.

The delete contact button located at the bottom of a contact entryLoading...

Modifying an Existing Contact

You can modify an existing contact by navigating to the contacts page, selecting the contact you want to modify from the Choose Contact drop-down at the top of the page, shown at the top of Image one, and changing the Contact Details or Email Preferences. After you’re done, you can click the Save Changes button at the bottom of the page, also shown in Image one.

Once the new information is validated and saved, the page will be refreshed and you’ll see a green box telling you that the Contact Updated Successfully Loading...

The Choose Contact dropdown and the Save Changes buttonLoading...

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