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Claim Discord Client Role

We ask that Clients link their Discord account to their Client Account as an additional verification step when we provide support in Discord tickets. This also grants you access to additional channels in the Discord Server and lets everyone know that you have a Client Account with us.

Linking your Discord with your Client Account is easy!

  1. Begin your journey by joining our Discord Server.
  2. Log into our Client Portal and find the Connect Discord button in the left sidebar under the Shortcuts panel.
  3. Click Connect Discord and Authorize the connection

The Connect Discord button in the Shortcuts category of the Client Area sidebarLoading... The Discord account Auth screenLoading...

Client Role Perks

  • Advertise your WinterNode Powered server in #servers.
  • Discuss with your fellow Clients in our #clients-chat.
  • Participate in Client only Events/Giveaways/Discussions.
  • Shiny Blue Name
  • Be a Proud Member of the WinterNode Family!

Reach Out!

Have Questions? Need Help? Feel free to reach out!

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