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Some of the common questions or issues related to billing for WinterNode services.

Remote Transaction Failure. Please Contact Support.

If retrying your payment is unsuccessful, please contact our Billing Team via a Billing Ticket. This is a general error message that displays when the payment gateway returns an error. It indicates that the system could not process the payment.

Order Marked as Fraud / My Trial Order was Marked as Fraud

Please open a ticket with our Billing Team, who will manually review your order as soon as possible. We do not recommend trying again without intervention by our Billing Team, as there is a high chance your new orders will continue to be marked as Fraud and Cancelled.

You took my money, but Marked my Order as Fraud

If your order was marked as Fraud, any pending charge on your Credit Card will not process. The exact timeline of this depends on your bank, but it can take 3-5 business days.

How do I change/correct my Billing Email Address? / I typed the wrong email address for my Client Area account. / I cannot edit my email address.

You will need to submit a Client Area ticket requesting this change.

How do I delete my Credit/Debit Card?

You will need to submit a ticket requesting this change.

Can I Delete my Account?

WinterNode does not currently delete customer's accounts as we are required to retain accounts for legal and accounting reasons. You can submit a ticket requesting an account closure, deletion of your payment methods, and archiving of your data if you no longer intend to use our services.

How do I Cancel my Service?

Please see the How to Cancel your Service article which outlines the required steps on

I am outside of the 48-hour refund period, can I still get a refund?

Refunds are only offered inline with our WinterNode Terms of Service. Unfortunately our team is unable to offer refunds for any other situations.

How can I get invoiced early? Ex. I want to pay for my quarterly bill.

Invoices are generated 7 days before your next due date. If you want to make a payment before then, you can “Add Funds” on Please note account credit (“added funds”) will only be automatically applied to new invoices. If you have an existing open invoice when you add funds you’ll need to manually add the credit to this invoice on the invoice page.

My service is suspended what do I do?

If your service has been suspended, it is usually due to overdue payment. To find more information and steps to resolve the issue, please refer to our Account Suspension page.

(Gaming & Web Hosting) How do I reactive my service? / My service was terminated/cancelled.

If your service was suspended, please refer to our Account Suspension page for more information.

In the unfortunate event that your service has been terminated or cancelled accidentally, we recommend submitting a Billing Ticket promptly. However, please note that if more than 7 days have passed since the termination or cancellation, we may be unable to recover any of your server files. It is crucial to act swiftly to increase the chances of recovering your data.

Are you able to recover my terminated VPS service?

No, we do not have the capability to recover terminated VPS services as we do not take backups of any VPS services. It is essential to regularly back up your data to ensure its safety and availability.

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