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Locating your VPS IP

The IP address of your VPS can be found in multiple places on the VPS Panel. You’ll find a list of all of the locations below.

Your Purchase Email

The IP Address originally assigned to your VPS will be included in the email sent to you that also includes your log-in details.


This IP may change if you VPS is moved to another node or you request a new IP.

The VPS registration email received when you purchase a new VPS with the IP Address highlighted out of the Server Details sectionLoading...

The IP Address Pane

You can find the IP Addresses Pane at the bottom of the Domain tab under the Information section of the Panel. This is the area you first enter when you open the panel and where you’ll find most of the other Panes including Actions and Additional Tools. The IP Address pane located on the VPS Panel in the client area below the Information PaneLoading...

The Network Page

The Network Page lists your IP and some additional details about how it’s registered to your VPS. The link to the Network Page is located in the Additional Tools Pane. The Network Pane with the IP Address field highlighted, the 4th column in the tableLoading...

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