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How do I choose VPS Core/Chipset type?

In order to maximize value to all our customers, every VPS plan has a predefined number of cores. The exact type of chipset, Intel or AMD, will be allocated based on availability and can not be pre-selected. To get additional cores, you’ll have to upgrade your current VPS Package.

What Operating Systems (OS) are available to be installed on my VPS?

You can select your Operating System on our order form. We currently offer AlmaLinux, Debian, Ubuntu and on our 4GB+ Plan, Windows Server Standard 2019/2022 Trial Versions.

Is there a test IP I can ping?

You can ping to get an idea of your connection to our VPS nodes.

Does WinterNode offer a network Looking Glass?

We don't currently provide a Looking Glass service, but you can use this test IP to get an idea of how our VPS network will perform for you

Why can't I type in my password in Putty/NoVNC?

The Linux terminal automatically hides your password as you type it in. You're able to enter your password, but you won't be given any indication of what you've typed. After you've typed your password you can hit the enter key to submit it.

I got an Intel Xeon W-1290P CPU but expected an Intel Core 10900K.

The W-1290P and the 10900K are the same CPU. The W-1290P is the enterprise version, but they perform identically. We use them throughout WinterNode infrastructure interchangeably.

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