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Import Valheim World

If you've bought a #Valheim server recently and are looking for guidance on import your world files (For example, transferring Hosting Providers) you should look in the File Manager for the path:


You can compress your server files into a .zip or .tar and upload that to the .../worlds directory. Then proceed to decompress the newly uploaded archive (Web File Management Feature) by clicking on the 3 dots to the right of the filename and selecting Decompress. This alleviates the need to manually transfer the individual files one by one.

You may also need to adjust the startup parameters to reflect your imported world's name on your *.db and *.fwl files as WinterNode by defaults sets the name in their startup parameters to "Dedicated" and yours may have a different filename completely.

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This guide was created through our Help Center Contribution Program by ScreamEarDog, a member of the WinterNode Client Family.


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