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Find and Join your Valheim Server

This guide details three ways for players to connect to your Valheim server.

create a new character!

It's recommended that you create a new character for online play!

The in-game warning recommending the creation of a new character for online play. it reads "Beware that joining any online server will put your game character at risk. It might be a good idea to create a separate character when playing online to reduce the risk of loosing precious possessions. Also be aware that there is always a risk of encountering cheaters and griefers when playing online. Good luck!"Loading...

Join within the Client

After making sure to Name your Server you'll have two options to join your server from within the game. Both options require that you load a character by selecting Start Game and selecting the character you want to use, as said above it's recommended that you use a separate character for online play. After selecting the character you want to use, close the New World dialog box if it pops up and move to the Join Game tab.

Join by IP

From the Join Game tab of the character select screen, click on Add server in the bottom right. Enter the IP and Port of your server, which you can find here, into the pop-up box that appears and then click the new Add server button. This will add the server to your Favorites tab and you'll be able to use the Connect button to connect to it after selecting it in the list.

The add server button, located in the bottom right of the Join Game tabLoading... The Enter IP or invite code pop-up with the new Add server button in the bottom rightLoading...

Filter Community Server List

From the Join Game menu, select the Community tab and filter for your server based on your Server Name. Select your server and click Connect, making sure to also click the star icon to add it to your favorites.

The public list of community servers on the Join Game tabLoading...

Steam Launch Parameter - Direct Connection

The fastest way to repeatedly connect directly to your server, is by adjusting the Steam Launch Parameters for the game. Changing this option forces you to join a specific server when you launch the game and select your character.

The parameter you'll want to use is +connect IP:PORT where IP represents your server's IP and Port represents your server's Port. You can find your server's IP and port in the locations outlined here.

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