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Find and Join your Valheim Server

This guide details three ways to connect to your Valheim Server

Join within the Client

Start off by giving your server a unique name to make it easier to find in the Server Listing. To change your server name, in the Control Panel navigate to Configuration > Startup Parameters and update the Server Name field.

Load up the Valheim game on your PC and select the Start Game option.

It is recommended you maintain a separate Valheim character for online play!

Select your Character and click Start where you will have two options to connect to your server.

Join by IP

Select Join IP and enter your server's IP and Port combination from your Control Panel found under Management > Allocation Settings

Then select Connect

Filter Server List

From the "Join Game" menu, set the list to Commuity and filter for your server based on your server name. Select your server and click Connect

Steam Launch Parameter - Direct Connection

The fastest way to connect is directly to your server, by adjusting the Steam launch parameter for the game. Changing this option forces you to join a specific server when you launch the game and select your character.

Start off by closing your game if you have it open, and navigate to the Library in Steam. Find Valheim right click the game and select properties

Update the launch options section to include +connect IP:PORT where IP represent your server's IP and Port represents your server's Port. Note you can obtain this information from our Control Panel under Management > Allocation Settings


If you have any questions about the content of this article or need help with anything outlined here, feel free to reach out to us via Discord or a Client Area Ticket and we’ll do our best to sort it out with you!