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DriveBackupV2 Backup Naming Format

A date or time pattern letter represents a date or time component, such as the day of week or hour of the day.

If you want to include normal words in some text that accepts date and time pattern letters, you must surround that text with single quotes, and the entirety of the text with double quotes.

Example: "'Backup-world-'yyyy-M-d—HH-mm'.zip'"

The example above will name the file Note that the name ends with .zip, this is to keep the file extension correct.

The format name is always in double quotes "", to specify a name, you put it in single quotes 'name' and to specify a date format you put it without the single quotes or outside of single quotes.

LetterDate or Time ComponentOutput ExamplesUse Examples
yYear1996; 96YYYY; YY
MMonth in a yearJuly; Jul; 07MMMM; MMM; MM
wWeek in a year27w
WWeek in a month2W
dDay in a month10d
DDay in a year189D
FDay of week in month2F
EDay in weekMonday: ME; EEEEE
aAm/Pm markerPMa
hHour in Am/Pm (1-12)12h
HHour in day (0-23)0H
mMinute in hour30m
sSecond in minute55s

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