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Manual Mod Upload

You may need to manually add mods to your Forge or Fabric server after installing a Modpack using our Modpack Manager. This is a relatively simple task and can generally be done entirely from the web interface of the Game Control Panel.

Both Forge and Fabric, along with any forks of Fabric like Quilt, store their mods in the mods folder and configuration files in the config folder. Making this article applicable for most modern mod loaders.

After you’ve download the mod file you need to install, you can upload it to your servers Using the File Manager on the Game Control Panel. If the mod you’re trying to install is over 10mb, you might encounter an error when you upload it, so you’ll need to upload the file Using SFTP instead of the File Manager.

In either case, you’ll want to place the mod itself inside of the mods folder and restart your server. Assuming the server starts, you’ll have a new configuration file/folder in your config folder that controls the options you have for that mod.

If the server does not start, you’ll want to check the logs for any errors that caused it to crash. Common issues you’ll run into are mods that were designed for a different version of Minecraft, specific versions of the mod loader you’re using, or that you’re missing a library mod that the mod you want requires to also be installed.

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