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Forge Wrapper

The Forge Wrapper is a utility that we use to launch Forge versions newer than 1.17 as by default they require a startup script. Both the script that ships with the Forge Installer and the Forge Wrapper itself make use of the Libraries folder to start the server. It’s by modifying it’s contents that our Edition Installer works and by which you’ll be able to install different versions of Forge. However, there are few notable issues that can take place with the Forge Wrapper that we’ll make not of here.

Removing Old versions

If you make use of the Edition Installer to install Forge without ticking the “Format Server” option and you already have a Version of Forge installed, then you’ll end up with both of the versions installed at the same time. While this won’t cause any issues, you’ll want to remove the old one to save on space.

You can find the currently installed versions under libraries/net/minecraftforge/forge and the sub folders will be named with the Forge Version they contain.

You can safely delete versions you are not running when the server is online, just make sure you delete the correct version.

The GCP File Manager navigated to the /libraries/net/minecraftforge/forge folder showing the libraries for two versions of MinecraftLoading...

Missing Forge Wrapper File

The Forge Wrapper is an essential file to starting 1.17+ Forge servers. If you’ve accidentally deleted the Forge Wrapper file or don’t want to use the Edition Installer to download it, you can download the file from here, and upload it to your server.

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