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How to Update a Factorio Server

You’ll need to update your Factorio server to the latest release when a new version comes out so that your players can connect. You can do this through our Game Control Panel using the Reinstall button after taking a backup of your server. If you’re unsure of how to take a backup you can check out our page on taking a Manual Backup. Make sure to move the backup off of the server to ensure that it’s safe during the reinstall.

You can find the reinstall button under the Configuration → Advanced tab on the GCP. It will re-run the installation script for Factorio and download the latest files from steam while leaving your generated server files like the world and player data intact. But, It is still important to take a backup just in case the update goes wrong or there’s an unexpected bug.

After pressing the reinstall button your server will shutdown and you’ll loose access to your server panel while the install script runs again. If the process takes more than 5 minutes then reach out to our Support Team.

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