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Halloween 2023

The Halloween event is here! WinterNode is hosting a Building Contest for Halloween 2023 with real tangible prizes! To participate, make sure you sign up using this form before October 21st!

Details ๐Ÿ”Žโ€‹

  • Building will take place between October 15th and October 31st. Exact times will be announced in Discord!
  • The builds will be judged by WinterNode Team Members.
  • You can pick from either of the following themes:
    • Trick or Treat
    • Halloween Movies
  • The server ip is
  • The prizes are as follows
    • 1st: 50$ USD Amazon Gift Card
    • 2nd: 25$ USD WN Account Credit
    • 3rd: 1-Month Discord Nitro

The Rules ๐Ÿงพโ€‹

  • Presence in Discord is required.
  • For moderation purposes, global Minecraft chat is limited to English only.
  • NSFW discussions and content should be kept to a minimum.
  • If streaming or recording the event, have a winternode overlay and/or code in the description or video.
  • Each player is limited to one plot.
    • Teams of two players may combine plots, but it will count as one build.
    • Teams will receive one prize to share, delivered to the individual who signed up on the form.


As part of the event, everyone will have access to WorldEdit (within their claimed plot) and the ability to edit the flags of your PlotSquared plot.

Claiming a plotโ€‹

If you're participating on your own, you can use /plot auto to claim a plot. This will claim and teleport you to an unclaimed plot where you can start building.

If you're participating as part of a team, one member should run the /plot auto command, and then the other can teleport to either the player or the plot using the following commands.

  • /tpa <player 1>
  • /plot visit <player 1>

Once there, the second member of the team can claim an adjacent plot and the first member can run /plot trust <player 2>, which will allow the second member of the team to run the merge command, /plot merge, while looking in the direction of the first player's plot and standing in the second players plot. After the second member of the team has run /plot merge while looking at the first member's plot, the first member will get a message confirming that the second member wants to merge plots. They need run /plot confirm within 30 seconds in order to confirm that they agree to the merge.
This should merge the two plots into one larger plot without an intervening road where both members of the team can build.


You can only trust one other player and every player is limited to claiming only one plot. Merged plots are considered one build and the participants are considered a team.

Plot flagsโ€‹

Plot squared provides a number of "flags" that allow you to modify the behaviour of your plot. Things like weather, time, ambient music, ect. You can use these to your advantage when designing your build and can find information about, and a list of, the flags you can use here.


You have full access to the WorldEdit toolbox while in your plot, you can use this to make your builds faster, grander, or more detailed by utilizing the commands provided. WorldEdit provides a great wiki about it's usage and a nice quickstart guide.

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