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WinterNode hosts events to help engage our growing community of server owners and show off what you can do with WinterNode hardware! Make sure to join our Discord to get the latest on what events we're running and how you can get involved!


When hosting events on Minecraft servers, we utilize a service called MinecraftAuthentication, or MCauth, to verify discord membership and grant in-game roles to server members from our Discord server. This ensures that those participating in the event are not interrupted by bot raids and grants us an extra layer of security against malicious actors that may utilize alt accounts to bypass bans or mutes.
This service requires that you link your Microsoft or Minecraft account to this website by using either the Microsoft Oauth screen or by joining a Minecraft server with your Minecraft account. After signing in with your Minecraft account, you'll need to Link your Discord account, which will enable us to verify your presence in our Discord and grant you your Client or Partner role in-game.
Specifics can be found below.

The Minecraft Server's MOTD as shown in the Minecraft Client's multiplayer screen.Loading...

Initial log-in

When you first open the MinecraftAuthentication website it'll look similar to the image on the right. The first thing you'll need to do is log in with your Minecraft/Microsoft account. You can do this by either using your Microsoft account directly, which will utilize Microsoft's OAuth system to provide MinecraftAuthentication with the information it needs, or you can join the Minecraft server at by adding it to your multiplayer screen.

If you choose to log in with your Microsoft account, you'll need to use the account that is associated with the Minecraft account you intend to join the server with. The only thing that MinecraftAuthentication will ask for is the Minecraft account's UUID that's associated with that account. Other than the fact that it's associated with that Microsoft account, your Minecraft account UUID is public information.

If you don't want to log in using your Microsoft account, you can join the Minecraft server at the address by adding it to your client's multiplayer screen. The first time you join the server, you'll be shown a disconnect screen that looks similar to the one shown on the bottom left, indicating that you need to re-join to get the code. After rejoining you should receive a disconnect screen with the code shown inside the green box depicted in the image to the bottom right.
From here, you need to enter the code into the text box on the website and click the Link button.

The default page of the website, showing the available services for log-in as well as 2 options for logging in with MinecraftLoading...

The connection lost screen that appears after your first connection to the Minecraft server. It explains that the code provided is private and that you should reconnect if you want to receive a code and are prepared to do so.Loading...

The connection lost screen that appears after your second connection to the Minecraft server. It provides a linking code instead of the warning about the private nature of the code, while also re-iterating that in a shorter form below.Loading...

Linking Discord

After you've logged in, the website should look similar to the image on the right, and you can start linking services. For the purposes of joining WinterNode events, you only need to link your Discord account, making sure that it's the account that's in our Discord server.
You just need to click the Discord button and log in with your Discord credentials, making use of the Discord OAuth system to provide MinecraftAuthentication with public information about your account, like your username.

The website when you've logged in with Minecraft but have no other services linked. The services available for linking are grouped above the list of linked services as different colored buttons with the names of the service and their logo.Loading...

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