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Billing Account 2FA

2-Factor Authentication is an extra step added to logging into an account that helps prevent unauthorized access. When you log into your account you’ll be prompted to provide a token provided by an Authenticator application that’s cryptographically generated from a private code only shared between WinterNode and the Authenticator application. As long as you don’t share those tokens or that code and a third party doesn’t have physical access to the device that you’re using for your Authenticator application. This is a nearly foolproof method of authenticating. For redundancy sakes, you can even save the original token in a password manager or other safe location, in case you lose your device or have multiple devices set up with an Authenticator application ready to go.

You can find the 2-FA setting in the User Greeting dropdown by clicking on Your Profile as seen in the image to the right.

The Your Profile button under the User Greeting dropdownLoading...

Once there, you’ll find a sidebar on the left side of the page that contains an entry titled Security Settings and on that page will be the Two-Factor Authentication section.

Next, click the Click here to Enable button and you’ll get a popup matching the one shown in the image below. Currently the only supported option for 2-FA is Time Based Tokens, that option will be automatically selected so click get started to move on to the next step.

The Security Settings pageLoading...

The Two-Factor Authentication popupLoading...

You should now see a page titled Connect your app with a QR code in the center and a long alphanumeric code above it, like the one shown in the image to the right. You can scan the QR code using an app like Google Authenticator or Authy or you can enter the code manually into either of the two apps.


Make sure to save the alphanumeric code or QR code somewhere in a secure format. Good ways are in a private password manager or encrypted flash drive!

The 2FA Connect your app pageLoading...


There are a lot of Authenticator apps with many different features, so you might want to try a few out or look at what’s provided by your phone already. If you save the code above then you’ll have no problem switching Authenticator apps!

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