<aside> 💡 Welcome to the WinterNode Help Center. We have compiled this information to help you manage your WinterNode services and answer commonly asked questions. If you have a question that you cannot find an answer too please reach out to us via our support channels.


Knowledgebase 📖

Getting Started


Server Hardware Specifications

Discord Bot Hosting FAQ

Sub-Users & Contacts

Control Panel

Control Panel - The Basics

Game Panel 2FA

Creating a MySQL Database

Schedule Manager

Using SFTP

Using the Subdomain Manager

Account & Billing

Account Suspension

Billing Account 2FA

Upgrade Current Package

Claim Discord Client Role

PayPal Payments

How To Cancel Your Service

General Utilities

Backup Restoration

Running WinMTR

Folder Compression/Decompression

How to Self Migrate your Minecraft Server

Linear/Binary Search Methods

VPS: How to Update Network Configuration


Minecraft Servers - The Basics

Java Version Selection

Modpack Installation and Common Issues

Requesting Additional Ports


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